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Kim Orthodontics gave me a really good dental experience. I would recommend him to anybody looking to get their teeth fixed.

I love the staff and, their really friendly. Dr. Kim gives you lots of hugs. And instead of scolding me about my teeth, he said it in a nice way.

Kim Orthodontics has helped me in so many ways.They were very friendly to me even when I didn't follow their directions completely. They have great service and are very friendly to kids. They are sweet and gentle and make you feel comfortable. They made my teeth straight and when I had my braces on, they were encouraging! Thank you Kim Orthodontics!

I got my braces late during my teen years. So I had heard horror stories about not being able to eat anything but soup for a week from my friends who already went through braces. When I decided to get my Invisalign, my biggest worry was pain. However, Dr. Kim's operation was surprizingly painless. I am really glad that my dentist recommended Dr. Kim to me!